• We believe in…
  • Serving you with courtesy as promptly as possible
  • Answering all your questions to the best of our ability
  • Recommending the appropriate solution every time

We offer…

  • Free repair inspection
  • Service and repair of all models
  • Parts for most any brand

$65 Safety Tune-up:

  • Adjust brake and gear systems for optimal operation
  • Secure handlebars, stem, seat and wheels
  • Inspect frame and fork for damage
  • Inflate tires to proper pressure
  • e-bikes not assembled by us + $50 for safety check

$99 Service Package basic:

  • Safety tune-up plus:
  • Adjust bearings in wheels, crank and fork
  • Straighten wheels and tighten spokes
  • Lubricate brake cables, shift cables and controls
  • Lubricate derailleurs, chain, and brake calipers
  • e-bikes add + $50

$140 Service Package deluxe:

  • Include all of basic service package plus:
  • Degrease chain, derailleurs, sprockets, chain rings, re-lube
  • e-bikes add $50

Overhaul (price varies by complexity):

  • The most comprehensive repair service
  • Includes major tune-up plus:
  • Remove all components from the bike for cleaning
  • Remove bearings from all assemblies
  • Degrease everything
  • Repack/replace bearings

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Layaway… 25% deposit required. No service charge for layaways unless you want to terminate the layaway. There’s a 15% restock charge on all returned layaways after 14 days, to cover the various costs associated with a layaway. Bikes due in future shipments may be subject to price increases.